Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's is for gay people

One day a year for romance? Who the hell thought that up? Call me crazy, but I want to be spoiled and adored all year long. This year I once again fell victim to getting carried away in the expectations of grandeur from my significant other. And once again, all those expectations got me nothing but disappointment.

I have come to the realization that romance lies in caring. My husband cares about me. He comes home to me every night, he doesn't stray, he works a hard-ass job to provide for me and our daughters, he doesn't go drinking or gambling every paycheck away and would never even come close to laying a hand on his three favorite girls. If I ever have a complaint my husband will go to great lengths to try and fix the problem so I am happy. For pete's sake, we have three dogs! Anyone who knows Cris knows that none of them were his idea. So, when the day it done, I came to the decision that I am loved every damn day of the year. I will no longer get upset when other women 'brag' about all the gifts they get. Screw 'em.....I'm the lucky one.