Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, it's champagne Thursday at 11:15 at night and Cris just got called out to clean up a meth lab. Thank you crack heads.....The one day a week that is our little "date" at home after the girls go to bed and drug cookers can't even wait until fucking Friday. Whatever. A quick sick fact about cooking meth: not all of the drug is absorbed by the body so really desperate 'chefs' will cook or render the remaining meth out of their urine. Thought you oughta like that.

I sold some shit today. Got a little cash. Got a little cash from my neighbor backing into my porch too. The funny thing about that: the estimate that we turned in to have it fixed was WAY over-bid. Cris fixed it for less than 20 bucks. So, yeah we have been paying off credit cards and shit. HUGE load off.

Going to Denver in September for a friend's wedding. I super excited too. Cris' parents are going so they can watch the girls while we are busy and that just made it ten times better. It's six damn months away and I'm sooo excited. I'm derranged.

Signing back up for school again in the fall. Taylor is just about a year old and Eve will be in pre-school so I am hitting the classroom will full motivation. I'm tired of feeling like a loser. It's just me I'm sure, but when I was graduation high school, I honestly thought I would attend college full time until I had my bachelor's. LOL. WTF happened?? I got freakin married and had babies and settled. I've come to realize that people really don't expect much else from me either. When did the world gain the opinion that people who have kids really can't achieve much else? Like that is what we are here to do and that's it.

I am going to be rich my the time I'm 37. Just wait and see. Kids and all too.