Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who knew...

I just learned tonight that I'm being selfish because I want to spend Christmas Eve with my children. All of Christmas Eve. Apparently, by not allowing their father to come and take them at noon, I'm making the holiday all about me. The ignorance of some people makes me want to vomit sometimes. It's incredible how my desire to have a full day to celebrate Christmas with my daughters can actually be described as a bad thing. Wow.

On a positive note, I got a second sparrow tattoo today. Now I have two matching ones on my ribs. I no longer have a single sparrow that makes no sense. And I now harbor the belief that everyone's first tattoo should be on their ribs. It would just make me feel a little better about how much of a baby I was today.

I submit my application for Chico State tomorrow. The feeling that comes with this mile marker is amazingly hard to describe. It's a complexity of pride, accomplishment, nervousness, excitement and even a little discouragement because I know that it means I have a long way to go for my masters degree. But when the day is done, I'm going to have a kick-ass job making bank and the pride knowing I trudged through even when things got really tough.