Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Do My Sloppy Seconds Taste?

I'm just curious....why would you want to commandeer my life when I tell you I don't want you in it anymore?? Seriously though, why would you want to go around to my friends and family and play the victim and get them all on your side? Do you feel like you won some battle or taught me a lesson? I remember you saying you did it to your ex before me and how the friends who went on to stay friends with her pissed you off....probably because you felt like you lost an opportunity to get even I suppose. I just don't get it though. Why would you want that?? If I don't want you in my life, and we are so completely finished, why would you want to continue on in the crappy shell of a life with the same crappy people that would do nothing but remind you of me? That's sad. I for one, don't want any of it anymore. You can have ALL OF THEM. Even my 'father'.... And here's why:

NONE of them were ever my friends or family to begin with. They saw everything you put me through. They witnessed firsthand all the pain and suffering I went through just to get away and make a better life for myself. They pretended to care about me, and they pretended to help me through it, only to turn around and buddy up to you. WHY would I ever want those kind of people in my life anyway?? So....Have at 'em! They're all yours!! Congratulations, you win!!

But what did you win exactly? A bunch of disloyal, backstabbing assholes?? Have fun with that. Let me know how it works out for you. I'll be over here, with my REAL friends and family who love me. Being all happy and shit.