Friday, December 11, 2015

I'm the Richest Woman in the World

So the cutest thing happened....(Or maybe I just think it was because I'm a mom).  I have to do a couple flashbacks though... *Cue whirly swirly music*

In early October, Charlee was playing with a little red button that she got at school, during craft time I'm guessing. She had the button on her for like a week and a half. You'd be talking to her and notice it was in her hand. I never said a word about it though...not to anyone. I don't know why, I just didn't think too much of it. I figured she kept it in her backpack and would pull it out occasionally when she saw it or just absentmindedly kept holding on to it. Either way, that's about how long I kept seeing it in her little hand. (Okay, flashback one is done. Flashing forward...slightly...)

About three weeks ago, I was going to lunch with a coworker and put my jacket on because the cafeteria is always freezing cold. As per my usual awkward habit, I put my hands in my pockets as we walked to the timeclock. I felt something small in there, which was weird because I don't use those pockets being as their pretty small. I pulled the item out of my pocket and looked at it just long enough for my coworker to see it and say "Oh no, what did that come off of...". It was the red button. I actually knew it was the button as I was pulling it out of my pocket but before I saw it. I sort of choked up for a second and looked at my friend and said "It's Charlee's." She didn't understand my reaction, and I didn't explain it. The day went on as normal. But, as I started to really think about it, what I couldn't wrap my brain around was how this little 5-year-old somehow found this button to be important or special to her and kept it in her possession for many days. If you understood our kids, or our schedules switching kids with exes, or even understood our house and how it works, you'd understand what a feat that was for her. But even more so, I couldn't grasp the gravity of how her little mind one day decided that she would gift that special little trinket to ME. I studied the thing the rest of my lunch break. It has 4 holes, it's a gorgeous shade of red, one side it beveled and the other says Apple Smile. It's about the size of a quarter and has good weight to it. Its crazy, but I started to understand why my youngest liked this button so much. It's of trivial value, there's no instance where she could really use it for what it was made for, yet, she liked it. It was small, she could hold it in her hand rather inconspicuously so as not to have someone try to take it or even want it (siblings can be a pain when you're little), and it was HERS. But, then she gave it up for one reason or another. I couldn't stop wondering what was going through her mind when she put it in my pocket, or how long ago she did it. I don't wear that jacket everyday. I got back to work and put the button under my monitor on my desk and there it sat until my last day working at the hospital a couple weeks later. That day, I cleaned out my office and brought my things home like my personal stapler and calendar, and that little red button. The stapler is still in my car, the calendar is in a stack of papers on top of my printer, but the little red button is back on my desk here at home underneath my monitor. Right where it belongs. (Okay, one more flashforward...keep up!!)

This morning, like I've done all week, I got up early, got my coffee, turned on my computer and got to work at 6am. As I'm checking email and starting my first task, Bryan's alarm goes off, and he heads out to get ready and get the girls up and going. In a half hour, he comes and gives me a kiss goodbye and tells me the girls are almost done getting ready. About a half hour after that, I hear little footsteps. I hear Charlee say: "Mom, I'm all done, can I watch TV until....HEY THAT'S MY BUTTON!" I turn and say "Yes, it is...I found it in my pocket." and she says with the biggest smile on her face, "I know! I put it there to surprise you. I thought you would like it. You saved it!!" I started choking up again and said "Of course I did!" I told her to watch a show and keep it down and she ran off. It was a short-lived moment, but it made my whole day.

I read something online the other day. It said something about how when a child brings you a rock or a weed/flower, to cherish it because to them it's not trivial, it's special. How very true. That little red button made both me and my little 5-year-old smile and share a special moment this morning. I wouldn't trade that little red button for anything.