Monday, May 23, 2016

If You Don't Hear From Me By This Time Tomorrow, Come Check On Me....and Bring Champagne.

I didn't really tell anyone, but last year in August I took the exam for the CCS certification. I failed....By one question. Yup. Three hundred dollars, months of studying, and a 4-hour exam later, I was devastated. Needless to say, I didn't tell anyone I failed either. I was about a month away from my wedding that I had been planning for over a year and stressed to the max, and then that happened.

I. Don't. Fail. Exams.

Hell, I don't fail anything. And by one damn question?!?! I pretty much holed up. That's what I do when shit doesn't work out how I think it should. Low and behold, it pissed some people off. Apparently, I'm not afforded the luxury of "mourning" my own defeat in privacy. People needed me to hold their hands through the events preceding the wedding and I apparently dropped the ball. I took that hit and let people (once again) walk out of my life. Best part of all this is, these people told me that if a loved one can walk out of my life then they weren't really in it to begin with and that they weren't going anywhere. Definition of irony right there, in case you needed one. That wedding was absolutely perfect though. I wouldn't change a single thing about it. Well, I wouldn't have labeled that one table "Parent's table"...but whatever.

But anyway...
I currently have my CCA (or Certified Coding Associate) certification. It wasn't easy for me to obtain, but it also doesn't really afford me much. It's the bottom rung on the ladder of the multitudes of letters you can put after your name in the industry I work in. The CCS is what I really need in order to keep growing and moving up. AND....I'm testing again tomorrow. I know what you're thinking..... "But Amanda, you only missed it by one question before! This should be easy peasy!!" That's where you'd be wrong. See, I tested in ICD-9 (International Classification of Disease, Ninth Revision) last year, and a couple months after that, ICD-10 took effect. What is the big difference, you ask? Well, in the 9th revision, there are approximately 13,000 codes, and in the 10th, 68,000 codes. There's a much wider scope of guidelines, more specificity, and.... I'm getting stressed again. You get the idea.

So, basically if I fail again, and I disappear, you'll know why. If you get pissed about that and decide to write me off, see ya. Says more about you than it does me.